Children’s Health Project Partnership


Press release for The Children’s Health Project CIC

The PE Passport team are delighted to announce a new partnership with not-for-profit organisation, The Children’s Health Project CIC, and are inviting schools to join the Project to boost their health and wellbeing approach. 

The Children’s Health Project was founded by Ilse Brockling, a primary teacher and advisor for PE, and PSHE. Ilse and her team build on teachers’ existing knowledge around wellbeing, and help them feel confident to make links across curriculum subjects, so children feel better equipped to take care of themselves physically and mentally. Their new online platform – the CHP Academy has been created by Ilse with help from the PE Passport team. 

“Our new CHP Academy includes all our training as online-CPD, with easy to use resources and a supportive community. Teachers from the 200 schools who have worked with us for 1-4 years report feeling more confident to teach mental wellbeing and linking it to other areas of physical health. Subject leaders say they are now more passionate about their subject, and are encouraged by the high quality training and support, and the flexibility of the approach. We’re looking forward to welcoming new schools to the Project now we are working online” (Ilse Brockling) 

Professional Development:

Subject leaders of PE, PSHE, DT, Science and Wellbeing take the online Health Ambassador course, attend recorded webinars and workshops, and learn from experts in various areas of mental wellbeing, nutrition, and movement. Classroom teachers across the school are also supported with online training and resource programmes that focus on key topics such as sleep, resilience and mindfulness. 


Schools have access to 160 lesson plans for EYFS through to Year 6, and resources for journaling, homework and displays.  The lesson plans are flexible, with subject leaders often choosing the key topics that meet their pupils’ needs for whole school learning, or topics that  are missing in other schemes they use. Classroom resources and lesson plans can be accessed on desktop, via iPad app, or in the PE Passport app. 

Support community:

Subject leaders are supported with an online community, allowing for discussion, guidance and collaboration, as well as regular masterminds, Q&A, interviews with other schools and experts in their fields. 

Everything in the CHP is based around four pillars of health and wellbeing, and with each pillar comes an optional cartoon ‘Health Champion’ and colour themed resources. Children learn the importance of the individual four pillars and how they also work together to help them feel well in body and mind: 

A wellbeing module that teaches ten topics of ‘mindset’, including mindfulness and its role in our everyday lives, how to understand emotions & manage stress, and the promotion of good feelings such motivation and positivity. This pillar of health interacts closely with the other three pillars, having an effect on digestion, engagement in movement, and everyday habits that bring balance to our lives. 

A nutrition and cooking programme that looks at topics such as the gut microbiome and its role in immunity, how we can balance our energy levels with food, understanding calories, and how food affects our mood, as well as the traditional science and design technology topics of balancing carbohydrates, proteins and fats in nutritious meals/snacks, and learning about vitamins and minerals. 

This pillar promotes both restorative and energetic movement. The lesson plans include units on traditional PE topics such as fundamental movement skills and flexibility & mobility. Mindful movement is introduced in PE and lunchtimes and teachers are encouraged to build movement practices into their classroom environments, engaging in fine motor skill activities, and trying fitness games to encourage children to learn about their bodies and minds. 

A varied pillar of health and wellbeing, drawing the other three pillars together with themes such as spending time outdoors, promoting wellbeing through community, improving sleep, and looking at the roles laughter and breathing technique can have in improving health and wellbeing. 

Ilse has been working with the PE Passport team to build the online platform, and is looking forward to engaging with PE Passport schools. To learn more about the Project, you are invited to join a webinar touring the online CHP Academy, and previewing the training and resources available to you. We can offer everyone an initial free membership to the Project, and an exclusive offer to upgrade to a complete account at the competitive offer-price.