How do i contact customer support

If you need help, want to report something not working or have questions  please either submit a new Support Ticket or send an email to

One of our support team will then get back to you. We aim to get back to tickets as soon as possible but it can take up to 24 hours in some circumstances.

I cannot log in!

The first thing to do before you login is make sure you are running the latest software on your iPad.

The login details are case sensitive and sometimes they can self – predict so input them carefully (the fact you can now see what you are writing should help!).

It is also important that you are connected to the internet when you login. If you are still not having success, there may be a firewall issue so please get in contact with us as we have a number of steps to follow with your IT department to open a few ports.

Don’t worry, we haven’t had anyone who can’t login at all.

I cannot access a video

Our videos are a combination of YouTube and  Vimeo, so access to both is required. Also, although an internet connection is not required to run the app, it is to play a video link. Finally, with the update of the lesson content, some videos may have been removed as they are no longer relevant; we are planning to replace these but feel free to tell us if we have missed one.

How do I update the software on my iPad?

It is important to regularly update the software on your iPad. This will help all your apps run quicker. Go into Settings – Software Update. This will tell you if you are due an update or if you are running the latest software on your device.

I can’t take photos...

If the camera is not working it may be that you haven’t set the permission on your device. You can check this by going to ‘Settings’ scroll down until you see Primary PE Passport, press it and make sure the Camera and Microphone are switched to Green.

I’ve uploaded my data but it isn’t showing on the app...

The data should update on the app automatically after being uploaded so you may need to refresh the app by double pressing the home button and swiping the PE Passport page up. Or you can check the latest data is on your app by going into the administration screen, press register of pupils and then press the update button on the menu bar at the top (the circular arrow)

I have a mixed class, what do I do?

If you have mixed classes you may have found difficulty in setting these up. The system is currently set up with children grouped in their year group. Please be aware that we are currently addressing this and we will have a solution for you in the very near future, for the moment our advice is to manually edit each child so they are in the same year group. This will allow your entire class to appear for your lessons. However this will mean that at the moment, when looking at reporting, you will need to add the children through the class list filter.

How do I add a class within the app?

In the left hand menu of the app, you can access ‘My Account’ then ‘School Pupils’ In this section you can change class names as well as add new classes. To add a new class, first you need to add a child within the class through pupil register. Then, when selecting the class press the + button and input the class name. This will then include the class in the class lists. Alternatively, you are able to add a new class and then select the pupil to add to the new class.