PE Passport International

Improving Physical Education around the globe

The PE Passport can be used any where in the world and can be configured to fit your current school setup or curriculum.
Our system has the ability to cover a broad range of year groups that would fit all possible school ranges and our new Custom Unit feature allows schools to use their own current teaching resources, meaning no matter what country or syllabus you are teaching the PE Passport can offer an enhanced experience.

International Pricing Structure (English Language)
  • 1 Form entry Primary/High School - £699
  • 2 Form entry Primary/High School - £799
  • 3+ Form entry Primary/High School - £999
  • 1 Form entry K – 12 - £1199
  • 2 Form entry K – 12 - £1499
  • 3+ Form entry K – 12 - £1799

For any bespoke requirements please contact

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