Long Term Planning

Long Term Planning

Once you have logged, in you will automatically be directed to the long term plan. This is an area where you can identify the units of work you want each class to work on over the course of the academic year.

I. You can add / change lessons by tapping any empty ½ term block e.g. summer1 in a specific year group or by tapping the + button in the left margin under the year group. You will find the selection of units appear in the drop down menu.

II. To drop a unit into the long term plan you need to identify the activity e.g. Basketball and tap the ½ term you want the unit to be delivered in. The ½ term will now appear next to the unit. You can now SAVE the changes by clicking in the top right hand corner.

III. If you change your mind, click + icon underneath the year group. Click the plus button next to the unit again and UNTICK the unit next to the ½ term and SAVE your change/s.

IV. NB. Make sure you do not remove an existing unit from the long term plan as this would remove any data you have previously inputted within the lesson/s.