Short Term Planning

Short Term Planning

Each lesson plan is organised through: the lesson objectives, an introduction; warm up; main session; game based learning and conclusion and some are supported by video clips and diagrams. NB Please note that diagrams and videos will be constantly updated.

I. To access the lesson plan, tap the lesson you want to deliver from lesson 1-6.

II. On the title bar where it says ‘Lesson Objectives’ tap on the icon on the right hand side of the bar and this will tell you what resources are needed to deliver the lesson.

III. Take the register by accessing the Attendance button across the top above the Lesson Objectives. Default mode is that all of the children are present so only tap to enter any child injured, absent or without kit, then click SAVE in the top right hand corner to record the data.

IV. To DIFFERENTIATE planning TAP on the Edit icon within that section. To add content TAP + and a new screen opens. At the bottom, tap on the screen below, ‘School Version’. To EDIT the current text click on the icon and then tap on the screen to bring up the keyboard. Type in your changes and then press SAVE.

V. Supporting video clips are present where there is a Play icon – you will need to be connected to Wi-Fi. We advise you review each video prior to teaching. If you cannot access the video it may because of the firewall settings in your school. The PE Passport has 2 service providers so in the ADMINISTRATION section of the main menu go to My Account and change the service type from A or B, or vice versa, and go back to see if the video now plays. If not contact us through customer support and we will correspond with your IT Technician.

VI. To add KEY QUESTIONS or identify opportunities for PEER or SELF ASSESSMENT go to the AFL button at the top of the page or enter through the Edit section within each part of the lesson. Enter your content and SAVE.

VII. To EVALUATE the lesson and add NEXT STEPS IN LEARNING use the NOTES icon at the top of the page under Teacher and then SAVE.


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