Lancashire County Council Partnership

The PE Passport team is absolutely delighted to announce an extension to its partnership with the Lancashire Professional Development Service. This local authority service is a team of nationally recognised teaching and learning consultants for all NC subjects who promote excellence, creativity and enjoyment through partnership with schools across the county and nationally.

The PE Passport has its own outstanding offer including its own scheme of work and assessment but its platform also allows other users to personalise and populate with their own content. In partnership, The PE Passport team and the primary advisor for PE in Lancashire, Glenn Swindlehurst, have worked to establish a Physical Education platform which has enabled Lancashire’s provision to be available to its users in digital format. 

For the past 12 months The PE Passport platform has successfully housed the Lancashire Physical Education curriculum and assessment model thereby allowing all schools utilising the Lancashire scheme of work to benefit from its unique system. Lancashire schools can now digitally; video and store the achievement and performances of children in lessons and at events; monitor the progress of groups and individuals;  track participation in their school sport and physical activity offer and can build up  e-portfolios of children’s achievements in PESSPA.

Glenn stated “As a professional development service for schools in Lancashire and beyond we provide a range of support including training and publications. Our aim is to contribute towards improving outcomes for all children, in my role this is primary physical education. I was introduced to PE Passport at an afPE conference and this platform was something that I wish I had when I was a primary PE subject leader in school as it would have made my life so much easier, especially in evidencing children’s progress in PE. The discussions around putting the Lancashire scheme of work on PE Passport were very positive and it has been fantastic to work with a provider who has the same vision of supporting schools to improve PE outcomes for all children. The feedback from Lancashire schools has been excellent and I am looking forward to developing the resource and partnership to support schools and teachers with delivering high quality PE, school sport and physical activity.”

In announcing the extension to the partnership, director of The PE Passport, Lee Manion enthused, ‘We are delighted to work with Glenn and his team, all highly respected individuals in the field of Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity. We share the same vision of providing high quality resources which give schools the very best opportunity to deliver a curriculum that is broad, balanced and progressive. It has been great to hear that the platform has made a significant contribution in Lancashire and we look forward very much to developing this partnership further.’

If you would like further information about how The Lancashire Physical Education Scheme of Work can support your school’s PE provision or how the PE Passport platform can be personalised to suit your school or organisation please do not hesitate to contact us at